Dealing with Cats that Spray their Territory

As wonderful as our fine feline friends are at bringing us comfort, cheer, and joy they sometimes get a little too sassy by being territorial. Despite being domesticated, cats are still descended from a wild species that doesn’t care about where they rub their scent or what they leave their cat spray on.

Why Cats Spray

Cats have a secret language all their own that relies on their ability to recognize smells that tell them where other cats are claiming their territory. A cat who goes to the veterinarian and comes back smelling different will notice other cats ignoring him/her until the familiar scent returns. Cat’s leave their scent on things and people to say, “I’ve been here and this is mine so back off!” Cats have multiple glands on their flanks, cheeks and paws which secrete a scent to establish their territory. Cat’s that live together use this scent method as a way of bonding with each other and to setup a relationship.

Solving the Issue for Good

Patience and understanding are the key ingredients to ensure your house stays fresh, clean, and free of cat spray. Reasons your cat might be spraying inside the house might include:

·    Urinary tract infections can cause make cats to mark their territory with urine.

·    Being in heat is more than likely going to make your kitty tempted to urinate. Getting your pets spayed and neutered before they hit the 5-month mark is way to counter this.

cat spray

·    Stress can disrupt the even keel of your cats who love to get their way all the time.

·    Another cat in the house may trigger feelings of aggression in another cat. Buying enough litter boxes, cat toys, and bowls will make each cat feel independent.

·    Intrusive strangers can be outside the house too in the form of a stray cat hanging around your window that your cat is noticing.